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Feel like you’re not progressing in your riding? Develop core strength, flexibility and stability and reap the rewards sooner than you think.
Join our online rider workouts today to experience the change in your body and the difference in your horse.

Strong Stable Seat are live sessions to improve stability, strength, flexibility and postural awareness for beginners through to the most advanced rider. Workout from the comfort of your own home with instruction from Melinda Macaulay, experienced fitness coach and equestrian. Mel applies the science of bio-mechanics to the relationship of rider to horse through specifically designed exercises aimed at achieving results.

You can ask questions, receive immediate feedback and be an active part of the SSS Program community. If you miss a session, catch up in your own time via recordings in the Members Hub.


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the sss program


Soft muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints allow your body to flow with the dynamic movement of your horse.


Being able to apply the right amount of strength without stiffness or tension.


Good posture begins when your body is in balance with all of your muscles & joints ‘stacked’ on top of each other.


Connecting to your body, how it feels and how it reacts to the dynamic movement of your horse.


This is about bringing together each piece to create flow and harmony.

Finding myself unexpectedly back in the saddle after 25 odd years I soon discovered I had a lot to unlearn and a lot to learn.  Mel come alongside to not only help me become one with my Daisy but instruct me on fine tuning my posture so that my horse could transition better.  I was absolutely flabbergasted feeling the difference that simple tweaking my posture made to Daisy’s cadence and stability. With these simple tools and developing a Strong Stable Seat, my girl is now a dream to ride – most times!

Tania Earle  | Maryborough | Qld