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Join our supportive online community of like-minded equestrians and gain access to all online live streamed and recorded sessions

The SSS sessions will help you to …

  • Create clear communication between you and your horse
  • Improve your strength & stability for riding
  • Feel more confident and in control of your body and your horse
  • Ride smoothly with less bouncing
  • Solve postural imbalances and improve your body awareness
  • Ride with less pain both for you and your horse
  • Look good on a horse
  • Be more comfortable for your horse to carry
  • Help solve saddle pressure or discomfort for your horse
  • Reap the rewards in competition
  • Be the rider you’ve always dreamed of being


Your SSS Membership includes:

  • 1x 20min  Fitball Strength & Stability Sessions each week
  • 1x 20min Bands and Balls Strength & Stability Sessions for Equestrians each week
  • 1x 20min Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Equestrians Session each week
  • Access to Every Previous Session which are Recorded ready for you to access when is suits you